Paeonies Direct

Paeonies Direct-deliver for that special occasion, special person, wedding bouquets, deliver to your florist or floral designer or for yourself

Admired and treasured flowers, paeonies have the magic
of making romantic, extravagant
and most beautiful statements
when they are blooming in a vase at your place.

Paeonies are fresh cut flowers and come in many colours from vibrant corals, romantic pinks, cream, yellow, cerise and salmon. They come in bright reds and frilly whites and all combinations in between. Their petals are soft and romantic. The blooms have long stems and are renowned for having a very long vase life. They continually change in colour and form as the opening progresses. Many are fragrant, some open to such a delicate tissue paper form. Some are soft and voluptuous, big and full of petal mass and texture and their beauty is unsurpassed. There is something about a paeony flower that blends in, when fashion comes and goes, the paeony flower still has that alluring appeal.

Paeonies - order your live paeonies and paeony gift boxes online.

We deliver paeonies to your door for any special occasion,
special person or for yourself.

They bloom from October through to December each year and their timing is dependant on the weather and seasonal changes because they are grown outside. You can have freshly cut paeonies delivered, within New Zealand within three days of ordering. We guarantee top quality and top service.

During the paeony season there are so many wonderful comments about them and they are one of the most photographed flowers. They can be in bud stage where you can enjoy their opening stages before your eyes or the bloom in a more open stage, ready for that special occasion. Paeonies have an exceptionally long vase life and can be enjoyed for up to two weeks.

Wedding paeonies can be delivered to your florist or floral designer.